The Coalition to Protect Communities from Fracking's Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage from Fracking Conference, Nov 15: Thanks for Coming!

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Collateral Damage from Fracking: Coming Together to Protect Communities

While New York's highest court has upheld a town's right to prohibit fracking within its borders, fracking threats still loom—regardless of whether a community has enacted a ban or moratorium on this activity.

All communities, with bans or otherwise, will feel the impact of fracking-related activities nearby. Air and water pollution know no jurisdictional boundaries, and the build-up of natural gas infrastructure (i.e., pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities and export terminals) will create hazards across municipal, county and state lines.

Collateral damage includes:

On November 15th, 2014 over 200 people from across New York state and several near-by states gathered together to hear panels of lawyers, municipal officials and citizens address:

  • Strategies used by NYS municipalities and citizens
  • Controls available to NYS municipalities (counties/towns/villages/cities)
  • Networking and action planning.

The Coalition to Protect Communities from Fracking's Collateral Damage